My First Author Signing

When I started this journey, almost two years ago, I never thought I’d still be here, still creating worlds that readers want. I didn’t think anyone would buy my book, and then ask for another, and another.

A passion I never truly explored as more than a pass time, has become something of an addiction to me. I love what I do and if it wasn’t for my readers, I wouldn’t still be here. Now, as I write this, I’ve attended my first signing as an author. This is far beyond anything I’d ever imagined happening when i hit publish on my debut novel in December 2015.

Even though it’s stressful, exciting, and nerve-wracking, I loved every moment. There’s nothing like the emotion that you go through when you know you’ll be sitting at a table, talking to people who read and love your books, your characters, and those words you create. Meeting other authors who I’ve always looked up to was one of the highlights of the day.

As each day passes I can’t help feel satisfied that something that was always a hobby, has turned into something more. And hopefully soon I’ll be attending more signings and meeting more readers and other authors as well.

My first signing is now done and dusted and I’m ready for the next. Orlando was gracious, the Booker Author Event was spectacular, and I won’t be forgetting it any time soon. I met readers, authors, bloggers, book cover models, and all in all, I found new friendships.

I wanted to share a few of the amazing moments with you, these are some of the pics I took on the day.

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