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The lights of the tree blink on and off, the colors turning red, green, gold, and white as they remind us of the cold weather outside. My dad and Kristyn are still sleeping, Camila and Brock are curled around each other in bed, and that’s why I’m awake. This time of the year used to be difficult without my mom around and my dad out with one of his fuck buddies. But this year is vastly different.

I thought I’d feel sad, that I’d still feel this sense of loss, but with Camila and Brock to love me, to give me the affection I never got from Levi, I know I’ll be okay this year. The stockings pinned to the fireplace have our names on them, one for each of us, and one for my mother. Even though she’s not here, it’s for the memory.

Rising, I take a look at my handiwork. I know Brock is going to love his gift. And Camila will probably squeal like an excited teenager, because she’s been wanting those concert tickets for months. Thankfully, my dad has some pull with the organizers and he wangled three VIP tickets from them.

Warm arms wrap around my middle from behind and I feel his lips on my neck. The tenderness he places on my flesh in the form of a kiss sends heat trickling down my spine. Fuck, he always does this to me. Without even trying, Brock can turn me from ice cold to a burning inferno in seconds.

“Good morning,” he utters in my ear, pressing his cock against my ass. He’s rock hard and I’m certain he’s not bothered with the gifts under the tree, there’s definitely something else he’s in the mood to unwrap.

Turning in his arms, I smile, “Are you trying to get me back in bed with you and Cami?” My question earns me a chuckle, a low rumble that vibrates through every inch of me.

“Maybe, I was wondering if you’d like to come and unwrap your presents, they’re waiting in the bedroom.”

Arching a brow, I meet those eyes that shimmer with mischief, and I know exactly what he means. “Oh?” I lace my fingers through his, and we head down the hall to the bedroom that now holds more love than it ever has before. When we step inside, I find Camila lying back against the headboard, she’s dressed in red lace lingerie. Brock leaves me at the door as I shut it. He drops the sweatpants he’s wearing and I notice his boxer briefs are red, matching Camila’s underwear.

“Merry Christmas, handsome,” Brock smirks, his blue eyes shine with affection, desire, and the naughty glint I’ve grown to love.

“Join us,” my girls crooks her finger, calling me to the bed where they’re both waiting. turning the lock on the door, I make my way tot he two people who own my heart. Scooting onto the bed, I position myself between Brock and Camila, leaning in, I place a kiss on her lips, my tongue snaking out to lick at her lips.

She opens for me, and my tongue dances with hers while I feel Brock’s hands sliding over my back. His touch heats my blood. When he presses his body against mine, I feel his erection at my hip which earns him a low growl.

Dancing my fingers down Cami’s body, I find her panty-clad pussy. Taunting her, I circle her clit with my thumb, and allow my index finger to stroke her sex, feeling the heat emanating from her.

“Please,” she whimpers against my lips. Shoving the panties to the side, I dip a finger into her pussy which is soaked. Brock is tugging at my boxers, and I allow him to take them off. Once I’m naked, I turn to glance at him pushing his own underwear down. His cock is hard, jutting out from his taut hips and I suddenly feel rather hungry.

He moves to the other side of Camila, offering her his dick which she happily sucks into her mouth. I in turn move between her thighs, pulling her panties down slender, tanned legs. When I finally spread her legs, I lean in to lick her sweetness causing her hips to rise up to my mouth.

“Is my girl needy?” I smirk up at her, finding her gaze burning with desire. She tries to nod, but Brock has other ideas. He grips her hair, pulling her down onto his cock and I drive two fingers into her pussy while she sucks my best friend.

The soft sounds of her gagging has my cock throbbing wildly to drive into a soft, wet pussy. I rise, fisting my erection, I tease her pussy, slowly, inching into her. Brock is watching us connect, his eyes turning dark with lust. He pulls his cock from Camila with a loud pop. Reaching for the lube, he moves behind me. When I feel the cool liquid, I know we’re about to have an insanely hot Christmas breakfast.

He massages me gently at first, but I know Brock can’t restrain himself. In bed, he’s a fucking animal. I still, waiting for the intrusion while Camila whimpers, needing me to move. I cover her body with mine, my mouth latching onto her hardened nipple, I bite down, suckling it causing her to mewl.

I feel Brock nudge my ass with the head of his cock, the sensations of heat, pain, pleasure all turning me molten as he slowly moves forward, pushing into me. My cock throbs inside Camila who is clawing at me as I move forward, inadvertently fucking her as Brock fucks me.

Once he’s fully seated, we move in rhythm that has all three of us moaning as pleasure rockets through us. Back and forth, in and out. My body is sandwiched between the two people I love the most in this world and I can’t stop the groan of happiness as my eyes shut.

Brock’s grip on my hips tighten, my teeth graze along Camila’s tanned skin, and her nails dig into my shoulders as we near our impending release. The thick cock inside me pulses, mine responds with the same reaction and Cami’s tight little pussy sucks me in, milking me as I growl.

She mewls, I grunt, and Brock groans as he fills me while I fill Camila and she in turn drenches me along with the bed as we find euphoria in each other’s arms.

“Merry Christmas,” Brock hisses in my ear as he pulls me back to kiss me. HIs lips mold to mine, our tongues dance along each other as he tastes Camila’s juices on my mouth.

©️ 2018 – Dani René

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