Good Girl Bonus Scene


*This is an unedited snippet*

I know the moment I step into the space he’s angry. It’s as if he’s emanating the damn emotion like an entity. I meet those hypnotic eyes that hold me captive in the spot I find myself.
He doesn’t respond, merely glares at me. I know I should’ve told him I was going out this evening after work. When I met Greer for a drink, it turned into two, then three. When I finally slipped into the Uber after the third cocktail, I pulled out my cell phone to three missed calls, and five messages.
“Uhm…” I mumble. “Greer said to say hi.” I don’t know why I feel as if I’m a naughty child about to be punished, perhaps it’s the way his fingers tap along the smooth leather of his belt, or it’s the way his other hand is gripping the arm of the chair.
“Strip.” His voice is like a lick of leather against my skin. I don’t ask why, I merely obey. My trembling fingers unbutton the blouse I’m wearing. I shrug off the material, allowing it to pool at my feet. Next is my skirt, the black pencil style that stops at my knee is professional, yet sexy.
The moment I’m standing before him in only a pair of lace panties and matching bra, I hear the growl that rumbles in his chest. The sound that makes me want to squeeze my thighs together.
“Everything. I want you naked.”
Swallowing past the lump in my throat, I do as he says and unclasp my bra, dropping it beside me, then push off the underwear until I’m only in my black court shoes.
“Good girls who obey me get rewarded,” he speaks as he rises, his hand gripping the belt as if his life depended on it. “But you’re not a good girl tonight. Are you?” The tone of his voice turns every inch of my molten.
“I’m sorry, Sir.”
He rounds me, stalking me like I’m prey. Once he’s in front of me again, I can’t stop the shiver that trickles up my spine. There’s a hint of a smirk on his lips, but it’s not amusement, it’s wolfish, mischievous.
“I won’t do it again. I just forgot—”
“You forgot to be a good girl for me?” He tips his head to the side while he folds the leather in half, holding it ready. I know what’s coming. I can almost feel the heat of the belt on my flesh.
“No, Sir.”
“You mean ‘yes, sir’,” he tells me. “You mean that you didn’t think to let me know you’re safe. That I didn’t have to worry about you.” He steps beside me, facing me. The heat of his gaze burning a hole through me.
I hear it before I feel it.
The sting blooms against my ass causing me to yelp loudly.
“Do you like disobeying me, pet?”
“No, Sir.”
“I can’t hear you.”
“No, Sir!” My voice is loud, bouncing off the walls which surround us. Another lick of fire attacks my ass earning him another whimper, but I don’t cry out. Instead, I bite my lip to keep from screaming.
“You’re still in danger,” Kian tells me earnestly, and then, another kiss of the belt touches me and as much as I want to beg him to stop, I’m wet. I’m needy for more, for him to touch me, to caress me, and to mark me.
“I’m sorry, Sir.”
“You are.” He confirms before landing another three blows to my butt. And he finally gets what he wants, tears trickling down my cheeks.
“I’m so so sorry.”
The clank of the belt rings in my ears and then he’s behind me, hands soothing my skin. Gently. Sweetly. Affectionately. He leans in, his left hand coming up as he grips my chin and allows his hot breath to fan my cheek.
“Don’t ever do that again,” he growls with a rage that makes me shudder. “I can’t lose you, pet. I can’t lose you.” His words come with more than just that confession when he slides into me. He’s thick and hard, and he stretches my sex to the point of pain. Sweet, delicious pain.
And I do what any good girl does, I murmur, “Thank you, Sir.”

© 2019 – DR

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