• The Reading Cat
    “This book is a beautiful, complex layering of past, present, secrets, lies, love, loss, and lust.”
    The Reading Cat
  • Allyson - Wit & Wonder Book Club
    “Addicting. Riveting. Dirty and Filthy!”
    Allyson - Wit & Wonder Book Club
  • Sheena - Goodreads Reviewer
    “…an enthralling and shocking must read…”
    Sheena - Goodreads Reviewer
  • Cinderella - Goodreads Reviewer
    The story is layered with lies, lust, love, and soul crushing emotion that will hit you in all the feels.
    Cinderella - Goodreads Reviewer

Whispered words, broken hearts, dark desires.
Secrets revealed.

He wants her. She loves him. Can they find forever in a dark, depraved world?

Covet, Book one of the Forbidden Series

The past collides with the present. And coveted love is dangerous.

Crave, Book One of the Forbidden Series

An Angel meets with the Devil, and their cravings are forbidden.