She came here to find the darkness inside her. To bask in it and I plan on making her feel every second of pleasure with each implement we use. Kaelin’s kneeling near the foot end of the bed, her body is wrapped in dark underwear, a bra and panties that hide her sweet, suppleness from my view. My cock is hard, ready to feel her again, but the anticipation makes this so much sweeter.

I smile when she trembles. The silence must be eating away at her, making her even more nervous than she wants to admit she is. One thing I learned over the years is that Kaelin is strong. She’s got fire inside her, and I hope that nothing ever diminishes it. She needs to fly, she needs to experience all that life will give her.

“Eyes up.” My order is husky, and I know she notices the inflection in my voice.

She lifts her gaze to mine, heat searing me in the mere glance. A small smile plays on her lips, dancing like a lover taunting the object of her affections. I step closer to her, the whoosh of the flogger the only other sound in the room.

“This is what you’ve wanted all these years,” I tell her. “Haven’t you?”

“Yes, Sir,” she murmurs and it makes my dick throb against the zipper of my slacks.

“Take off your bra,” I tell her. Watching in awe as she moves fluidly and unclasps the material from between her pert breasts. The item slips from her shoulders, finding its place on the floor. Her rosy nipples are hard, peaks that are ready for my mouth to devour them. I want to bite them until she’s squealing. “Are you ready for this?”

“I was born ready,” she sasses me just like I knew she. would.

Without warning, I rear back and swish the flogger along her thighs earning me a soft mewl of pained pleasure. “What did you say to me?”

“I am ready, Sir,” she tells me with a smile. But in those pretty eyes I see the fire burning like an inferno.

“Good girl,” I coo, noticing how she smiles when I say it. And I love how I feel when I say it. “Now take those panties off and lie back on the bed so I can see all of my sweet girl,” I tell her and watch in awe she rises gracefully and slips her panties down those lithe legs. Once she’s naked, I watch Kaelin climb onto the mattress and settle on her back. Her legs play for me, affording me the most exotic, beautiful view I’ve ever seen in my life.

I’ve traveled the world. I’ve been to every country and seen sights that would leave most people breathless, but this right here has nothing on what I’ve seen. I round the bed, nearing the left side and glance down at her. Swaying the flogger, I allow it to tease along her breasts, down to her stomach, and over her smooth cunt. The wetness is evident, the scent of her intoxicating.

“Do you want to play or are you wanting to get fucked?” I ask, turning my gaze to her.

“I want everything you have to give, Jed,” she says, using my name in a scene which she knows is naughty. She’s meant to call me Sir. Raising the flogger, I bring it down on her thighs, on her stomach, and over her tits.

“Is my little pet getting needy?” Again and again, the leather licks her skin, turning the smooth, creamy flesh a beautifully pink hue that makes every nerve in my body light up with need to fuck her mercilessly.

“Please, Sir, more,” she pleads, arching her back as I flog her sweet flesh causing it to turn red with welt from my flogger. The idea that she’s mine only sends me into cover drive. Dropping the implement on the floor, I reach for the one thing we’ve only attempted once before. I pull the sleek blade from my holster and hold it up to the dim light. It glints with promise and I can’t help smiling when she gasps.

“More?” I twist the handle in my hand, back and forth, aching to touch her, to feel her trembling beneath my fingertips.

“Yes, Sir, more.”

I oblige, leaning over her, I place the tip of metal on her throat, watching as she swallows nervously. Trailing a slow, erotic path over her left breast, I circle the hard bud, then turn my attention on the right one. Each one peaked, hard and needy. I follow a path over her flat stomach, noting her shiver as I reach her mound.

“How much more?” I ask as I toy with the cool steel over her wet lips.

“All of it,” she mumbles.

“Remember your safe word?” I ask and she nods once more. “Tell me, pet, I need your words.”

“Yes, Sir, I remember.”

“Good girl,” I murmur before twisting the knife in my hand, taking the handle and gently opening her cunt with the smoothness. As I slip it inside her, I revel in her mewls, her thighs spread wider, open for me, needy and wet. I fuck her slowly with the handle of the knife, watching as her hips rise and fall. She’s not afraid, she’s too far gone to even notice me massaging my dick through my jeans. I should have more control, but with her, I simply can’t.

© 2019 – Dani René

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