Seven couples. Seven stories. Seven sins

In a world of sin and sex where desires are granted and needs are fulfilled, seven couples reveal their darkest sins, their deepest desires, and their ultimate fears.
Finding love in a web of lust and betrayal, leather and lace, taboo and forbidden,
we wade through debauchery to find love.
With temptation at every turn. We journey on rollercoasters of emotion.
In a world of sin is Happily Ever After possible?


Kneel (Book One)

Sexy, dark, decadent, and ultimately sinful. Book one follows Nate and Eva on a sexual journey. A woman who enjoys the darker part of sex, and a man who delves out punishment like it’s second nature. As with all relationships, there are secrets, obstacles, and some steamy scenes that will leave you breathless. Delve into the world of Seven Sins with book one.

“You need someone who’ll calm your storm.”

“I need someone who’s going to dance in my fucking hurricane and not run from it.”

"This book completely sucked me in, stripped me bare and put me back together again. The heightened emotional state this book put me in was incredible. I found myself holding my breath just waiting to see what would happen next. If this is how this series has begun, I can't wait to see where the other decadent sins will take me. " - Wendy (Goodreads Reviewer)


Whisper (Book Two)

Eli and Gia have a tumultuous past. But can their present be less tragic? With sweet caresses, harsh punishments, and delicate whispers. Will these two find their way or will the secrets be too much for their hearts? Delve into the world of Seven Sins with book two.

I’m her Daddy Dom, the man she’s supposed to rely on. To satisfy both her sexual needs, as well as emotional. A father figure, but with the sexual benefits of a boyfriend.

"Addicting. Riveting. Dirty and Filthy! The second novel in Dani Rene's Sins of Seven will Whisper to you long after you have finished!" - Allyson (Wit & Wonder Books)