Can rockstars fall in love?
Of course they can! This is a rockstar romance series with a twist.
We go backstage and delve into the world of Hunter’s in Oblivion. Three gorgeous men and the women that bring them to their knees.
These are contemporary romances that will leave you swooning and wanting to claim your own rockstar!


Between Love & Fire (Book 1)

Callum f*cking Hayes is the lead singer of Hunters in Oblivion. He’s cocky, sexy, and when he wants something, nothing stands in his way. When he sees the beautiful blonde, Tayla Quinn, he knows that she’s what he wants, needs, and he’s not letting her get away. Even though she hides her past, nothing can stop her from falling for the rock god!

“When I take her and make her scream my name, she’ll ache only for me. Callum f*cking Hayes.”

"I loved this book! Callum was raw and hot, Tayla was sweet and strong, and together they burned up the proverbial pages of my kindle!" - Jane Anthony (Author of Kade - A second chance rockstar romance)


Between Lust & Tears (Book 2)

Drummer bad boy, Liam f*cking Hayes ignites the pages with his alpha ways and filthy mouth. Emma Quinn isn’t a pushover and she gives as good as she gets. The two of them are incredibly hot, With sexual tension melting pages, find out if Emma can tame this bad boy.

“No matter what the world throws our way, I want her. Nothing will stop me wanting her in my life.”

"There is palpable chemistry between our leads - with Liam's alpha-tendencies & Emma's sassy mouth - the steam just keeps building, and the pages seem to turn themselves!" - Kate (@Kinky_n_Smutty_Book_Addict)


Between Want & Fear (Book 3)

The third and final story in this series sees Ryan go after his girl. He’s waited patiently, but no more. Kierra’s keeping a secret and she’s afraid he won’t want her if he learns the truth. Will love overcome the obstacles? Find out now in the emotional conclusion!

“True happiness. This is what it feels like. And there’s nothing more I want in this world.”

"This is a wonderfully crafted touching and beautiful love story with a dirty talking rock star and a strong independent woman who has brought him to his knees..." - Sheena (Goodreads Reviewer)