She needs to prove herself…

but can she fight three lions?

About the Book…


The Kings are about to take their thrones, but secrets, lies, and violence threaten it all.

I don’t love her.
I don’t want her.
But we need her.
And now, we have to save her.

There’s no longer denying she belongs to us, but she has to prove her loyalty. And we’re going to ask her to do something far worse than she ever imagined—choose.

Brielle may be strong-willed, and she may fight back, but she’s in the lion’s den now. There’s no more running, no escape, we will devour our prey.

The conclusion to Brielle, Judah, Kai, and Valen’s rollercoaster journey. Please note this is a why choose romance with MM scenes.

  • this book contains scenes that may depict, mention, or discuss: murder, violence. please be wary when reading.



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