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Reading Guide

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For my new to me readers, I have 60+ books which you can start with. Because I write in so many different genres and tropes, I’m going to include a list below to help you find your perfect book! If you join my newsletter, you’ll receive a free book to try!

Download a printable reading list!

Fan Fave Standalones

  • Deviant (student/teacher romance/stalker)

  • While She Sleeps (sleeping beauty retelling)

  • Beautifully Brutal (forbidden/age gap/bosses daughter/mafia)

  • Kingston (workplace/boss & PA/super steamy)

  • Brock (MMF/friends to lovers/gay/menage)

  • Black Light: Obsessed (BDSM/Master & Slave)

  • Twisted Obsession ( Italian mafia/arranged marriage/enemies to lovers)

  • Vengeance of The Fallen (why choose/MMMF/gay/captive/enemies to lovers)

  • The Devil’s Plaything (Cartel/captive/enemies to lovers/dark)

Fan Fave Series

Thornes & Roses

  • The Burning Roses (dark/new adult/small town/gothic/steamy)

  • A Cut so Deep (forbidden/new adult/step-brother/steamy/forced proximity)

  • A High so Sweet (new adult/friends to enemies to lovers/second chance)

  • A Death to Seek (new adult/arranged marriage/secret society/MMF/steamy)

Crimson Falls Duet

  • Bitter Vows (Red Riding Hood retelling/mafia/forbidden/age gap/arranged marriage/CNC)

  • Bitter Truths (mafia/forbidden/age gap/arranged marriage/menage)

Sins of Seven Series

  • Kneel (BDSM/degradation kink/erotic/steamy/suspenseful)

  • Obey (BDSM/Daddy kink/steamy/dark/erotic/second chance/age gap)

  • Indulge (BDSM/erotic/enemies to lovers/steamy)

  • Ruthless (BDSM/bodyguard/forbidden/steamy)

  • Bound (BDSM/shibari kink/mafia/forbidden/steamy)

  • Envy (MMF/dark/steamy/second chance)

  • Vice (BDSM/kinky/MM/gay/MMF/dark/steamy)

The Taken Series

  • Stolen (pitch black/kidnapping/thriller/horror/MMF)

  • Severed (dark/MMF/second chance/thriller/steamy)

The Forbidden Series

  • From the Ashes – A Prequel (second chance/erotic/dark/BDSM/steamy)

  • Crave (Master-slave/BDSM/kidnapping/captive/enemies to lovers/forbidden)

  • Covet (second chance/captive/dark/BDM/Dom-sub)

Contemporary Romance

  • Brazen Bachelor (enemies to lovers/bad boy)

  • Fractured (friends to lovers/romantic suspense)

  • Traction (racing/enemies to lovers)

  • Sunshine and the Stalker (co-write/stalker/age gap/forbidden/steamy/erotic)

  • Choosing the Hart (cheating/love triangle/BDSM/workplace romance)

  • Love Beyond Words (ex-convict/penpals/friends to lovers)

  • Cuffed (erotic/steamy)

  • Perfectly Flawed (new adult/friends to lovers/forbidden/best friend’s sister/brother’s best friend)

  • Among Ash and Ember (new adult/billionaire/heartwrenching)

  • Austin’s Christmas Shortcake (forbidden/steamy/babysitter/erotic)

  • Taking Her Punishment (exclusive to my newsletter – age gap/erotic/best friend’s dad)

  • Pierced Ink (erotic/steamy/tattoo artist/second chance)

  • Madd Ink (erotic/steamy/single mom)

  • Shattered by Love (second chance/single mom/steamy)

  • Callum (rockstar/workplace/bad boy/steamy)

  • Liam (rockstar/forbidden/bad boy/steamy)

  • Ryan (friends to lovers/emotional/steamy/roackstar)

Taboo Romance

  • Tempting Grayson (age gap/erotic/forbidden/step-uncle)

  • In the Arms of Hades (re-imagining/age gap/incest/kidnapping/steamy)

  • His Temptation (forbidden/priest/age gap/steamy)

Dark & Twisted Romance

  • Cruel War (enemies to lovers/secret society/bully romance)

  • Volatile Love (friends to lovers/secret society/dark/captive)

  • Cursed Angels (co-write/dark/enemies to lovers/steamy)

  • Fragile Innocence (menage/MMF/dark/steamy/psychological)

  • How the Mind Breaks (erotic/psychological/mind-fuck/dark/thriller)

  • Deviant (student/teacher romance/stalker)

  • While She Sleeps (sleeping beauty retelling)

  • Vengeance of the Fallen (why choose/MMMF/gay/captive/enemies to lovers)

  • Stolen (pitch black/kidnapping/thriller/horror/MMF)

  • Severed (dark/MMF/second chance/thriller/steamy)

  • Deviant (student/teacher romance/stalker)

  • While She Sleeps (sleeping beauty retelling)

Why Choose / Ménage Romance

  • Fragile Innocence (menage/MMF/dark/steamy/psychological)

  • Brock (MMF/friends to lovers/gay/menage)

  • Vengeance of the Fallen (why choose/MMMF/gay/captive/enemies to lovers)

Urban Fantasy Romance

  • Cursed in Love (co-write/enemies to lovers/paranormal/ghosts)