Thank you for joining me. This section of my website is exclusive to you, my Darklings. I’ve decided to create a place where those stories that I’ve written will find a home and you can enjoy them in their raw state. All the stories will be unedited, uncorrected, and completely unfinished.

The beauty of this is to see what you’re enjoying, what you’re wanting to read more of, and I’ll then publish the stories that have the most interest. All the stories are copyright and MUST NOT be shared. I urge you all you keep in mind, if any of these stories are leaked, this will be shut down and legal action WILL be taken. DO NOT TAKE THIS LIGHTLY.

Now without further ado, enter the first story by clicking this link. The password will be in the mailer I sent you. Each week when a new scene is published, you’ll get the link directly to your inbox with the password! The passwords will be in your email and they will be tracked. If a password is used by anyone outside the email list, I will know.

*Please note these are a mixed bag of sexy, smutty, dark, taboo stories. If you are easily offended, then you need to move along.