Savage (The Taken Series, Book 3)


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USA Today Bestselling Author, Dani René, brings you the long awaited story of Dante Savage. This is a dark, twisted FFM romance.

For years I tried to keep my brother safe and allow the darkness to swallow me instead. But there is only so much I could do, because our father was the Devil incarnate.

I thought we got our revenge. I thought evil died that day. But I’ve learned sinister souls never stay buried.

To win the war, I have to turn to the darkness. I have to revel in the shadows, and bask in the violence. I have come to accept who I am.

A Savage.

I have a responsibility to myself, a vow I made long ago. I need to ensure the guilty parties pay for their sins. Make no mistake, I’m no hero, but I will seek vengeance with my hands soaked in the blood of my enemies.

And I will die for those I love.


eBook, Paperback, Special Edition


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