Obsessed Bonus Scene

*Unedited – please forgive any errors as this is unproofed.

“Sit.” She obeys me like a good girl. Her body bare to me. Her legs are spread either side of the chair and I go to fasten the bindings around her ankles. Silky, smooth rope which matches the color of her underwear which is shredded on the floor. I like her naked, I hunger for her flesh. Her gaze is locked on mine as I work the rope around her wrist, before stepping behind her and clasping her arms behind her back.

I lean in, allowing my hot breath to fan over her ear and I revel in her sweet, intoxicating whimpers.
She makes sounds that turn my blood hot with desire. And like a meal, I plan to devour her, slowly, and torturously. The blindfold I secure around her head is tight, and the moment I step away from her, I take her in. A slight tremble courses through her, I note how her thighs are shaking.

“Sir,” she whispers, but I don’t respond. I wait. I observe.

A small smile curls my lips when I note her head turning left and right. Even though she can’t see me, the little minx is trying her utmost to figure out where I am. Moments pass before I near her again. This time, I trail a path over her shoulder, down her arm toward her hands that are bound behind her. More trembles shoot through her, causing me to smile.

I rest my chin on her shoulder, and speak, “Tonight, I’ll be photographing you just like this. Naked. Open. Wet.” My words earn me a whimper before I continue. “Once I have the photos I like, I’ll take you to the cross, bind you, and use my flogger on your silky, creamy skin. I want to mark you as mine, pet,” I murmur, allowing each word to caress her skin. Chill bumps rise in the wake of my promise. “I’m then going to taunt you, edge you until you’re screaming. I like when you beg, it makes my cock so hard for you. And once you’re a trembling mess, I’m going to sink into your tight heat until you have no recollection of where you are, or how you got her. And you know why?” I don’t wait for her to respond. “Because I’ll be the only thing on your mind, in your heart, and deep inside your soul.”

I step back as she gasps at my vow. Picking up the camera from the table behind me, I stalk around her. As I lift the object, I can’t help but wonder how I got so lucky. How this woman who’s so torn and broken, has submitted herself to me. The click of the camera is like an aphrodisiac. My zipper is uncomfortable. The only thing I see is her. Nothing else matters in this moment, because one thing is clear—I’m obsessed.

© 2019 – DR

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