I’ve been lucky enough to work with two publishers.
One being Prism Heart Press who have created a pen name for me.
I write under Leigh Christopher for them at this stage.
These are the books that are published under their brand.

TSG 3D Single 4

The Shattered Girl

A broken mind. A shattered heart. And memories that haunt forever. Tia is on a journey for revenge, but when Braxton saunters into her life, she’s knocked off course by this filthy mouthed man. But under all the passion, secrets lie hidden. When they’re uncovered, will love find away through the cracks?

“My soul is hers. As hers are mine. We belong together. I’ve never been more sure of anything in my whole life.”

"The story was so complex, layered, raw & painfully revealing, whilst at the same time it cleverly never actually gave anything away until it was time. " - Kate (KnSBA - Goodreads Reviewer)

DRP 3D Single 1

Dirt Road Promises

A contemporary romance with ALL THE FEELS. We head to Wyoming on a journey with Clay and Essie where promises and secrets are kept and broken. When hearts are involved, emotions run high. This heartfelt, sweet, and swoony romance will give you all you need and more!

“Love can sneak up on you when you least expect it. Love can also mend all those broken parts you keep hidden.”

"A fabulous bittersweet romance with Clay a strong, steadfast cowboy who is struggling to keep his family business afloat and Essie a sweet, at times feisty, smart city girl who enters Clay’s life with the potential to help him rebuild his world and achieve his dreams or, as it turns out, to irrevocably destroy them." - Sheena (Goodreads Reviewer)