USA Today bestselling author, Dani René, brings you a twisted retelling of an age old story.

A forbidden love that was meant to be.

The darkness kept me safe for so long, I’d forgotten what light felt like. Years have passed since I’ve been above ground, but it’s time to visit my brother. As the shadows follow me, I draw on their strength to aid me on my travels. The moment my gaze lands on her, on the beautiful princess, I know I’m a lost man.

I shouldn’t take her. And I certainly shouldn’t hunger to taint her light with my sin. She’s pure, beautiful, like sunshine after a storm. But even as a god, I cannot resist the temptation.
She will be mine.
She will rule in the darkness with me.

As forbidden as it is, I can no longer deny my need.
Persephone will be my Queen, and I her dark King.
Together we will reign over the Underworld.