Ever since Sage walked into church the first Sunday I was delivering my sermon, I knew I was in trouble. When I laid eyes on her, I was hooked. It is forbidden. I shouldn’t WANT her. But I do. I can’t deny it.

My mind is no longer on my sermons.
Every moment I spend working on the good, righteous topics I’d like to teach my congregation, all I can think of is teaching Sage how to take all of me.

I need to stay strong. I need to keep my distance. But there’s no way I can resist when she offers herself to me.
Even though I’m a priest, I’m a hot-blooded man after all.


When I stepped into confession, I knew what I was going to do. I’d planned it for weeks. What I didn’t count on was what happened after.

I’m a bad girl. I’ve always been a bad influence. The naughty girl of the group.
But this time, I’m taking it a step further.
I’m tempting a man of the cloth.
A man with a collar.
He’s committed.
Married. Taken.

But this time my competition is not another woman.


This time, I want to steal a man from God. Surely that would send me straight to hell.
Do I care? Once I’ve felt his touch… not a damn bit!

*This is a very short read! Due to scenes of an adult nature, this is for 18+ ONLY. Taboo novella! If you're easily offended, please move along.*