I am a monster.
I knew it the moment I saw her—pure, beautiful, and so sweet to taste. 

They hid me away, thinking they could cure me. Locked in the darkness, I was forced to forget her, but I couldn’t. Not even for a moment. When I turned eighteen I was taken from what I’d become accustomed to, and shoved into a life I never thought I’d have. 

She was my light. My everything.
But she couldn’t be. It was forbidden in the eyes of the world. 

Each time I pushed, she pulled.
The devil goaded us, he taunted us. 

I tried to be strong. I tried to refuse what was burning inside me.
But I’m merely a broken man. One that needs her more than he needs his next breath. 

I need to make a choice—break the rules and devour her, or run far, far away and break the last remaining part of me, my heart.